Figurative Art in ceramic sculpture

The Work


Characters; my reaction to current or specific situations, emotions or memories are the jumping off points for their creation. I use the caricature of gestures, expression, posture or dress to tell each one’s story. I enjoy using humor and whimsical word play as a way of dancing around serious ideas. Sometimes they are tongue in cheek, punny or droll, you might even have a groan at the humor. My pieces often feel like my strange little imaginary family. I think about them as I create them, I create stories for them. I hope the viewer will do the same. 

With stoneware clay, I hand build my pieces to include postural expressions and objects. Sgraffito, silkscreening, stenciling and print making techniques allow me to dress them up and further their story using underglazes and pottery glazes. 

For 25 years I used the human form in my earlier work with glass. Clay has been a great transition. I think it is here to stay.